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Systems Strategies and Sales Ltd.

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Michael Asher B.A., President

Michael has over 30 years in the warehousing and storage business. Many major players in the logistics, racking, and storage industries; such as Redirack, Pacific Westeel, Johnston Storage Division, to name a few, have benefited from Michael’s knowledge and expertise.

Michael’s vast understanding of the many aspects of the material handling business has, over the past 10 years, led him to develop a niche assisting clients to improve their warehouse safety. This is conducive to improved performance, reduced cost and fewer accidents.

Systems Strategies and Sales Limited is recognized by the Professional Engineers Ontario C of A #100182856.

Murray Etherington P.Eng.

Murray is a Professional Engineer registered with Professional Engineers Ontario and carries the required Certificate of Authorization to address warehouse safety and issue PHSR’s. Has been practicing engineering for over 35 years and has devoted 12 plus years working with various types of racking and storage systems from design, manufacturing and implementation.

Since the Ministry of Labour requirements of 2001, Murray has dedicated himself to better understanding issues related to racking and storage safety and is very knowledgeable in racking inspections, installations and solutions to better serve our clients.

P.Eng. #13452016 and C of A #100209706.