Rack PHSR / PSR Inspections


icon-rack-phsrRack PHSR – Pre-Start Health and Safety Review

Our PHSR process provides clients with a greater understanding of rack storage systems; safety awareness; best practices; and compliance with the Ontario Ministry of Labour.

  • PHSR or PSR - When and Why

    A Pre-Start Health and Safety Review includes a written report on the construction, addition and/or modification or installation of a new apparatus, structure, protective element or process. The report details the measures (steps, actions or engineering controls) necessary to bring the construction, addition, installation or modification into compliance.

    View when and why flowchart here. For full PHSR document please view it here on Ontario Ministry of Labour website.

  • Applicable Rules

    In compliance with Ontario law enforced by the Ministry of Labour (Section 7 of Regulation 851 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act) we will determine the capacities and the structural adequacy of the various racking and storage systems located with the storage facility.

  • Observations

    We identify the types of racking systems by visually inspecting them and measuring the physical dimensions.  We note manufacturer’s specifications, and document the process with photographs.

  • Findings

    We determine the capacities and the structural adequacy of the racking and storage systems by appropriate means which could include calculations, review of manufacturer’s capacity charts and/or physical testing.

  • Conclusions

    We provide you with an official document approved by a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) who has the required Certificate of Authorization (C of A) provided by the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO). For the C of A number, please refer to our contact page.

    In addition to this requirement we include observations identifying typical issues of concern and suggest corrective measures. A complete and detailed damage inspection can be provided to capture all issues in the warehouse at that point in time.

    These issues/damages can include items such as:



Damaged Posts


Twisted Posts

Damaged Braces


Damaged Beams

Missing Safety Pins