Warehouse Rack Safety Inspections


Warehouse Rack Safety Inspections

Our warehouse rack safety inspections will document damages, installation deficiencies, and safety concerns for your rack storage systems and structures.

Procedure and Deliverables

The process involves going to the site and performing a visual inspection of the racking structures discussed by systematically walking up and down the aisles. Issues will be recorded in a format indicating the following:

  • the location of the damage
  • photos of the occurrence
  • the type of damage
  • a priority ranking
  • a solution
  • any pertinent comments

An applied bar code relates the location to the damage to the end result be it a repaired or replaced component.

The final step will consist of a PDF document listing all of the findings which will include photos, and a detailed parts list of the components required to correct the noted issues.

The Benefits

Systems Strategies is experienced in providing cost effective solutions for racking mishaps.  We can assist you in identifying and deciding whether a component should be replaced or fixed.

Having a detailed parts list will facilitate the process of preparing an RFP.

Having a priority list will prove to be essential in determining which issues should be addressed first giving the customer the opportunity to better budget proper rack maintenance over a longer period of time.

We find the cost of this process is advantageous to our clients since repairs, where warranted, are more economical than replacements especially when taking into account the down time experienced when replacing components.

Safety is of utmost importance.  The documentation supplied, with the aid of photos, priority rankings, and notations of the particular site are intended to provide our clients with a better understanding of racking safety requirements, how to achieve them, and maintenance programs.

We aim to provide our clients with an understanding of how certain damages occur and what steps can be taken to try to prevent them.


Inspection Concerns

Our detailed racking on site inspections outline safety concerns such as:

  • Is the PHSR current and valid
  • Damaged posts, braces and beams
  • Missing or dislodged safety pins
  • Use of row spacers and/or wall spacers
  • Anchoring issues
  • Shimming
  • Use of various types of decks
  • And more

Any repairs and/or modifications require a repair PHSR to comply with of the Ministry of Labour as stated in Section 7 of Regulation 851 for Industrial Establishments.

Repairs are executed by professionals in the industry who will photograph and place a UPC bar code on the component repaired.  Once the repairs have been approved, the transition from the initial inspected bar code to the finally approved bar code is documented and a repair PHSR is issued stating that the integrity of that particular component has been reinstated.

Please note:
This document, which is also approved by  Professional Engineer of Ontario, is not considered to be a PHSR as it does not refer to the capacities of the storage system.